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"The internet is slow"

  • From: Rick Ernst
  • Date: Thu Jul 31 14:01:19 2003

Gah.. I hate these kind of vague problems.

I have multiple users complaining about "the internet is slow"; specifically
to sites such as aol, cnn, amazon.  Our support folks are also having trouble
getting to postini's admin pages.  Things are excruciatingly slow.

I don't see any indications on router load, link utilization, bouncing routes,
etc. that jump up as obvious problems.

I tried using the lookingglass at, but I'm getting null responses for
all requests (ping, traceroute and BGP).  I'm not, however, seeing any issues
with traceroute servers getting to us.

Anybody know of anything broken anywhere? I don't think the problem is us, but
if somebody would like to respond off-list with any oddities you may see with
AS6423, and/or traceroutes to, I'd appreciate it.