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Re: a new labor intensive layer 1 solution (humor?)

  • From: Eric Anderson
  • Date: Mon Jul 28 18:21:24 2003

Thus spake Sean Donelan ([email protected]):

> Just be careful about flying too close to the US Presidential motercade.
> A pipeline spotter aircraft pilot (i.e. backhoe spotter for pipelines) was
> intercepted by the US Air Force and questioned for several hours by the
> Secret Service when his regular air route over pipelines flew within 30
> miles of the presidential limo.
> Why the president was within 30 miles of a pipeline has not been answered
> by the White House.

When has the president NOT been within 30 miles of something related
to the petroleum industry?  <cough>  Seriously, though, I can't see
any reason why wouldn't get close to them from time to time; it's not
as though pipelines explode with 30-mile blast radii.  At least, not