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Re: OT: Re: User negligence?

  • From: Len Rose
  • Date: Sun Jul 27 01:39:50 2003

Hi Sean,

I seem to have misunderstood you.. I assumed you were speaking
about an internal system (in the bank itself) I didn't read
the article you posted and without that I suppose I was in
the wrong context. Maybe.

Sean Donelan wrote:


> It a breach of security of the *USER'S* computer, not the *BANK'S*
> computers.

See above.

> How many people do you know have a full-time systems staff mainaining
> their home PCs? 

See above.

> If they are lucky, they might have a clever teenager in the house which
> helps their parents set the clock on the VCR and unpack the PC they bought
> at Best Buy.  If they aren't lucky, it was probably the same clever
> teenager that downloaded the trojaned software on the parent's PC.
> Is the Bank or ISP supposed to send suppport staff to each customer's
> house to maintain host level security on customer's home PCs?  The bank
> didn't sell the customer the computer or the Microsoft software, didn't
> install software on the home PC, and doesn't maintain the home PC.

See above.

> Outlook, the exploding Pinto on the information superhighway.

Microsoft, Who wants to get owned today?


PS Susan, I swear I won't do this again, please don't yell at me.