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User negligence?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Jul 27 00:40:34 2003

Unfortunately there are a lot, and growing number, of self-infected PCs
on the net.  As the banks point out, this is not a breach of the bank's
security. Nor is it a breach of the ISP's security.  The user infects
his PC with a trojan and then the criminal uses the PC to transfer money
from the user's account, with the user's own password.

"The fact that hackers got access to bank customer's accounts was not due
to inadequate security at the bank, but due to "user negligence", an
e-commerce company said on Thursday.
"Consumers should be vigilant when opening emails. If they receive strange
emails, or emails from people or companies they do not know, it is better
not to open the mail - especially attachments. These intrusions were
clearly not a result of any vulnerability in Absa's Internet security."