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Re: rfc1918 ignorant (fwd)

  • From: Haesu
  • Date: Thu Jul 24 10:35:07 2003

> Hmm this could affect routing protocols which use the primary address.. 

I haven't tried doing that with igp protocols.. But with BGP, it works does
manage to bind itself to the working address. (Or if you are sourcing update
to loopback, that would be fine too)

> Right but this one benefit doesnt make right the wrongs!
> I guess one thing you could do (if you really wanted to implement hacks) is to 
> use the rfc1918 space on your routers and then nat them to a global ip at your 
> borders.. achieves all your goals anyhow (not that i'd recommend it ;)

The thing is... some people want to hide the IP of the interface that faces
their transit on the border router, as most /30 demarcation subnet is assigned
from the transit. And since they would run either bgp or static route between
the transit and their border router, it shouldn't break routing..


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