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Re: rfc1918 ignorant

  • From: Lyndon Nerenberg
  • Date: Wed Jul 23 14:00:38 2003

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 11:50  AM, Dave Temkin wrote:

Needs is a tough call.  Plenty of networks block ICMP at the border and
could very well be using 1918 addressing in between and you'd have no
True enough, but my view of networks that blindly block all ICMP is about the same as those that misuse 1918 addresses. And if they're blocking ICMP specifically to hide their misuse of 1918, well ...

There are direct costs associated with dealing with networks that are configured as described above. If you can't see inside to diagnose problems, you can't call horsepucky when their support people start feeding you a line. The cost of downtime and local support staff quickly adds up. I've cancelled contracts in the past for this very reason.