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re: rfc1918 ignorant

  • From: Dave Temkin
  • Date: Wed Jul 23 09:01:39 2003

Is this really an issue?  So long as they're not advertising the space I
see no issue with routing traffic through a 10. network as transit.  If
you have no reason to reach their router directly (and after Cisco's last
exploit, I'd think no one would want anyone to reach their router directly
:-) ), what's the harm done?

RFC1918 merely states that it shouldn't be routed on the global internet,
not that it can't be used for transit space.


Is there a site to "report" networks/isps that still leak rfc1918 space?
By leaking I not only mean "don't filter", but actually _use_ in their

If someone is keeping a list, feel free to add All
traceroutes to servers housed there, pass by

traceroute to

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