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Re: Working vulnerability? (Cisco exploit)

  • From: Rob Thomas
  • Date: Sat Jul 19 13:41:29 2003

] Please put a ":-)" in when you're being humourous.  That one was subtle
] enough that I just about laughed coffee out my nose.

Coffee abuse!  Coffee abuse!  :)  Well said, re: RFC1918 and
filtering.  For those of you looking to automate some of your
filtering, please visit the Bogon Route-Server Project page:


It isn't perfect, but it does help.  Suggestions and feedback
are always welcome!

] Don't underestimate script kiddies.  If you leave a door wide open, they
] WILL walk through.

Indeed.  It's amazing how folks continue to dismiss the
script kiddies while I've seen those same script kiddies
"own" over 500K devices since 01 JAN 2003.  What a bunch of
lamers, they should have owned 1M devices by now, eh?  :|

Rob Thomas
ASSERT(coffee != empty);