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RE: Cisco vulnerability on smaller catalyst switches

  • From: Steve Rude
  • Date: Fri Jul 18 20:10:13 2003

> As part of our vulnerability tests, we have been unable to confirm
> the smaller catalyst switches running IOS but without L3 capability
> vulnerable.  They don't seem to react in a negative way to the same
> attacks that lock up the other devices we have tested.  Has anyone
> been able to verify this one way or the other?

I tested Catalyst 2924-XL-EN with 12.0(5)WC5a and I found that without
L3 capability it does not seem to be affected.  But with L3
connectivity, if you direct the attack at the VLAN1 interface it is
definitely susceptible. 

I've tested 12.0(5)WC8 and it has the fix.