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Re: Patching for Cisco vulnerability

  • From: Jason Frisvold
  • Date: Fri Jul 18 15:35:24 2003

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 14:29, Irwin Lazar wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, are folks just applying the Cisco patch or do
> you go through some sort of testing/validation process to ensure that
> the patch doesn't cause any other problems?  Given typical change
> management procedures how long is taking you to get clearance to apply
> the patch?

I think a lot of providers are doing the minimum testing required
(upgrade, does it boot?  can I ping?) and then rolling it out...  I
guess it's more of an implicit trust type deal rather than having
routers running with an increased load because of ACL's and still having
the possibility of a vulnerable router because something was

Going forward, if you go the ACL route, every time you add a new
interface you need to be sure to either apply the "any any" acl to it,
or add the new ip's to the "big" block by ip acl ...

> I'm trying here to gauge the length of time before this vulnerability
> is closed out.

I don't think it will ever truly go away..  there are lots of "older"
routers that won't be able to support the newer code, albeit small
routers like the 2500's, but they'll exist..

> irwin

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