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Re: Fixed IOS datestamps?

  • From: Jim Duncan
  • Date: Thu Jul 17 19:34:54 2003

Scott Call writes:
> I started collecting the new IOS files for tonight's reboot of the 
> Internet, and I had a quick question.
> The datestamps on a lot of the maintainence releases are months old, and 
> I just want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff, as they say, so we 
> don't have to do this dance again tomorrow.
> For example, 12.0S users are recommended to go to 12.0(25)S, which at 
> least for the GSR is dated April 14, 2003.
> Do I have the right build of 12.0(25)S or will there be one with a date 
> closer to the revelation of the exploit showing up on the cisco FTP site?

I just checked the source code.  12.0(25)S does indeed have the fix.


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