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Re: spam analysis

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Fri Jul 11 10:26:50 2003

Tomas Daniska wrote:

or cisco-nsp? from my own experience, the number of spams i receive
daily increased about tenfold since i have subscribed.

The most reliable method for detecting list scraping is using tagged addresses. Of course, some spammers are smart enough to remove plussing, although some systems are designed to require the plussing to get around this.

In general, the total spam sent is on the rise. Dictionary attacks are on the rise (and no offense, but your username would probably be in every dictionary attack list, as mine is in a lot of them).

There are reports done up and usually published showing the most used methods of spam addressing methods (scraping lists,Usenet,web,whois; dictionary; greeting cards; trusted companies selling the address; etc). I recommend you check google or ask around on Spam-L where many admins can do a quick database search and pull the counts for different types of tagged addresses.