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Re: Missle Silos (was: Backbone Infrastructure and Secrecy)

  • From: Eric Kuhnke
  • Date: Thu Jul 10 01:50:18 2003

Now that most of the Atlas missile sites have been sold, how about a 1400 acre salt mine located 1200 feet under the city of Detroit?

It's probably a bit easier to get high quality bandwidth to Detroit than Roswell, NM.  Also has the advantage of being across the river from Windsor ON for diverse connections to Shaw Bigpipe, Telus, Bell, GT/360, etc.

Or 1,180,000 sq ft of underground warehouse located between Indianapolis and Louisville:

On another note, some people affiliated with the SeattleWireless community wireless MAN have purchased one of those former AT&T microwave relay sites from American Tower.  Mt. Baldi was formerly part of a microwave relay from downtown seattle, across the Cascade mountain range to cities such as Yakima and Spokane.  Anyone interested in colocating at 4,000 foot altitude on top of a mountain?  I believe access is by snowmobile from late November to mid March.  :)

At 09:01 PM 7/9/2003 -0600, you wrote:

>> On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Eric Kuhnke wrote:
>> In the US, American Tower is/was liquidating a number of cold war era
>> ex-AT&T blast-proof sites.  They are all in need of an upgrade, but the
>> basics are there (underground, multiple layers of concrete, blast doors,
>> etc.  Even "blast toilets".  I'm surprised some enterprising/paranoid soul
>> has not snatched a few of these up and converted them into secure offsite
>> storage.  Even without diverse routes, you can ensure safe data storage.
>Keep your data in Roswell!
>Only bad part, is the ILEC doesn't have the facility to bring
>T1s to the site (let alone anything bigger).  They are, however, about
>1/2 mile from the border of one of the independents -- I believe they're
>being served via some type of wireless.