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RE: Why can't I default Originate?

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Tue Jul 08 19:19:21 2003

> Still doesn't answer why CISCO says you apply default orig to the peer, not
> the peer group (which we've proven is backwards).  It shouldn't be this way
> since you may want to use the peer group as a template for multiple customers,
> but they may not all want 0/0 sent to them. ALSO I didn't need to have 0/0 in
> my local routing table nor did I need to add the BGP command
> "Synchronization."

My understanding of the peer group feature is that it uses a single outbound 
policy, routes are checked to the peer group and all group members are then sent 
the update. This is very efficient and means you cannot have any exceptions to 
the per peer outbound route policy. If you have some wanting 0/0 and some not 
then you need to create a new peer group.

You wouldnt need it in the routing table, thats why you used the 
default-originate command.

And synchronization would be used to check whether to install the route if its 
in the igp or not, as again we're not using learned routes I guess it doesnt 
care about sync. (I'm also not sure how sync interacts with confed members, I 
assume it should for sync purposes treat them like regular ebgp peers and hence 
honor sync but i dont know!)

Btw, check [email protected] if you're getting flamed for your OT 
posting :)