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Seeking NJ-NYC connectivity

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Tue Jul 08 14:54:46 2003


Hopefully this isn't too far off, but besides shopping I need some input
on what it is I actually want...

The situation is that we'd need to take a DS3 backhaul for DSL in northern
Jersey somewhere, and find a cheap way to cross the Hudson and have it
land at Telehouse.

I know I can find a co-lo in Jersey somewhere, put a Redback there, and
pay lots of money for a DS3 to Telehouse and pay for a mostly empty rack.

I'm looking for something a little more clever and cost-effective.  For
example if someone has excess capacity on an atm circuit across the river,
using their atm switches at both ends to do the handoff.  I'm no atm guru,
so I don't know if that's something that really makes any sense...

Any ideas/suggestions/don't-do-that-because-flames are welcome.



Charles Sprickman
[email protected]