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Re: MFN/AboveNet blocking MX

  • From: just me
  • Date: Mon Jul 07 18:28:27 2003

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Kai Schlichting wrote:

  Coming back from my vacation, I had to discover that some losers
  (who, no doubt, had something to lose as far as their hijacked IP space
  is concerned) have attempted to DoS the MX for
  by sending a few 100,000 spams with randomized return
  addresses around June 25/26th, and us seeing 10,000's of bounces
  generated by misbehaving mail hosts that bounce to MAIL FROM: addresses
  sometime after their mail back-end decides that the recipients don't
  exist (nice AOL-style abuse amplifier, just un-AOL-like unthrottled).

I got hit by this same joe-job MO last week:

Randomized return addresses; relayed through all sorts of
open proxies and relays. I have a couple thousand bounces, if anyone's
interested in analyzing the headers further.

It looks like someone's playing games with the folks on NANOG that
actually care about mail abuse.

We're losing the battle, aren't we?


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