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Re: Mark Allman: Internet measurement: what next?

  • From: Simon Lockhart
  • Date: Mon Jul 07 14:50:11 2003

> >I sent the following note out the Internet Measurement Research
> >Group (of the IRTF) mailing list last week.  I'd love to hear from
> >operations folk on these sorts of question... i.e., what would you
> >love to be able to measure that you can't do terribly effectivly
> >today?

As predominantly a content hoster, I'd love to know more about the path
between my servers and the end user. Stuff like how much bandwidth is 
available (or, potentially available, to remove the congestion issue),
in real time (i.e. as fast as PMTUD works). Really stuff so I can decide
whether to deliver broadband or narrowband content, etc.

I'd then like to know if there was congestion on that route so that when
they complain that downloading stuff is slow, I can point at where the
problem lies.

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