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RE: Need hardware help in Seattle/Portland area.

  • From: Jay Stewart
  • Date: Fri Jul 04 17:50:38 2003


I've got a PA-4E, I think works ok.  It didn't work for me in my VXR
because of the combination of cards therein.  I'm in Olympia so you
could make a quick stop on your way to/from Portland if you need it.

Jay Stewart

Rev 73-1556-07 HW Rev B0

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Subject: Need hardware help in Seattle/Portland area.

Why does *stuff* always happen on holiday weekends?

Long story, not worth telling* but I find myself in need of a LAN 
port adapter for a Cisco 7200 series router. *Any* twisted pair (10/T 
or 100/T) card will do: PA-4E, PA-8E, PA-FE-TX, or PA2FE-TX. I need 
it before Monday, and am willing to drive anywhere within a 250-mile 
radius of Seattle to get it. I have to be in Portland tomorrow 
(Saturday) hence the subject line.

If anyone has one I can buy, beg, borrow, or... well have in any way, 
please contact me offlist or leave a message at the number below. 
Salescritters welcome, provided they can meet the requirements above.

Thanks in advance.

*The terminally curious can ask for the story, but the telling may 
have to wait until my present situation is resolved.



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