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Re: ISP Whitelist (was Re: NOC contact for

  • From: Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.
  • Date: Thu Jul 03 15:26:49 2003

> On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. wrote:
> > If you're interested in reviewing the criteria for acceptance onto
> > the HISP (contained in a HISP license which, again, is free),
> > contact me off-list.
> Gosh, didn't the AGIS lawyers once try to save the net?  Licenses,
> licenses, licenses.

Heh, I'm here not as a lawyer, but as CEO of Habeas.  The HISP is a 
companion to our HUL whitelist, which is a list of the IP addresses of 
our customer/licensees (bulk mail guaranteed to be confirmed opt-
in), and our HIL (DNS blocklist of those who breach our license or 
otherwise infringe our trademark by using it to try to get spam