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Re: National Do Not Call Registry has opened

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Tue Jul 01 08:22:21 2003

Callahan, Richard M, SOLGV wrote:
political and charitable orgs are exempt.  also if you have an existing
relationship with a company, they have 18 months before you fall from
their list.


May I recommend a nice little program called QuoteFix, that will rewrap your quotes and make them a lot prettier. They have one for Outlook and OE, I believe. :)

I wish they had incorporated into the law a "no thankyou" clause for political and charitable orgs. It's rude to just hang up on someone, and it's even more rude to have the caller's stay on the line trying to get a donation until you hang up on them. "No Thankyou" should be clear, concise, and end the call in a polite and civilized manner.