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Re: IANA reserved Address Space

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Sat May 31 14:23:36 2003

<snip blah>
> Since all of the replies have been pretty close to the same (Use RFC1918
> ...etc), I'd like to rephrase it to answer a curiosity of mine.

The answers seemed correct, rephrasing wont change current systems or policies 
to suit you!

> RFC1918 is a set number of IP addresses. If you are working on a private
> network lab 

Use anything you like, its private.

> that will be on the internet eventually or have parts on the
> internet and exceeds the total number of IPV4 addressing set aside in

Follow the current policy for public Internet Address space, get what IPs you
need, implement NAT where/if possible.

> RFC1918, and IPV6 private addressing is not an option, what can you do? (I

thats the way it is, take it or leave it..


> know it's a stretch, but I think it asks specifically what Brennan wants
> to know and what I'm curious about now)
> IPV6 would seem to be the best answer overall since it has already been
> determined the solution for limited addressing, but there is still
> equipment/software and such that does not support it.
> Brennan, is a mix of IPV6 and IPV4 private addressing an option for you? I
> do have to agree wholeheartedly that using address space not assigned to
> you is unprofessional, and will cause someone headaches later even if it
> is not you.
> Gerald