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Re: dnsbl's? - an informal survey

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sat May 31 10:04:48 2003

On Sat, 31 May 2003, Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:

> > White listing comes with any blacklist. The blacklists in particular
> > being discussed were the @dynamics, like the PDL and dynablock at
> > easynet. Both lists quite clearly state how they build their lists and
> > what they are designed to block (dynablock only takes out dialup, and
> > PDL takes out all dynamic addressing).
> 	Query ,  How is it determined that the address in question is
> 	dynamic or not ?  Who/how/what makes that determination ?
> 	This is the core of my concerns .

It's usually determined via, whois data, or direct
information from the provider.  When MAPS was freely available, I used to
periodically email them updates on our IP space (please add these dial
ranges, please remove these others).  I'm sure others did the same.
AFAIK, they had at least one FTE who's job it was to maintain the DUL.

Those large providers who stole copies of the DUL before MAPS pulled the 
plug on them, and continued to use them without maintenance still annoy 
me as we've run into issues multiple times with space removed from the DUL 
still being in their private copies.

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