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RE: IANA reserved Address Space

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Fri May 30 19:54:07 2003

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> I encourage my competitors to do this.
> or read another way, this is fairly stupid, but as log as
> this stupidity doesn't affect me, I don't care. However the
> person tasked with cleaning tha crap up behind you may not feel
> the same.
> Doing something right, the first time saves having to do it over
> again and again and again and again.

Or they could use any addresses they want, and give themselves a way out of
the nightmare by using DHCP, bootp or some other sort of similar technology
to allow them to migrate thousands of physical or virtual hosts to a new
numbering topology.

If the lab your are connecting to already has burned up most RFC1918 space,
give yourself an out if you have to renumber the whole thing before you can
get it live on the Internet.

Deepak Jain