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Re: UPS failure modes (was: fire at NAC)

  • From: nicholas harteau
  • Date: Thu May 29 18:15:04 2003

Arman wrote:
> We are opening a new facility in SF and are seriously considering the idea
> of by passing a large UPS (150-225KVA)altogether and relay on a generator
> 400-450KW with small UPSes on each rack.  A UPS failure would be limited to
> a single rack, this way we could 

We run a configuration similar to this, except we do failure per-row
with one APC Symmetra supporting between 3 and 6 cabinets, depending on
the projected load.  In the past 2.5(?) years, we've had one controller
failure that did not cause an outage.  All the batteries are fine,
though we have not run them to zero.  It turned out to be a very clean
install as far as conduit and cabling goes, we're very happy with it.

nicholas harteau
[email protected]