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LH/ELH Recommendations?

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Thu May 29 16:08:18 2003

Last time I asked the list for recommendations on how to solve a short reach
fiber problem I got some amazing answers and suggestions -- for which, I am
still appreciative of. I summarized for everyone who asked and will gladly
do so if anyone else would like to know.

I've got a new pickle I am trying to work through and have been wholly
unexcited by the solutions various vendors are talking about (read: $=x^n).
I am trying to signal over a dark fiber (SMF) loop of about 200 miles.
(150mi on one leg and 50mi on the other). I would _like_ to find a 10GE
solution (say a XENPAK module that will do 150miles), but GE would do if it
supports some kind of xWDM.

I am afraid I am going to have to go Lucent LamdaXtreme or Cisco ONS 15800,
but am hoping that is just overkill. Heck, a source for used LH/ELH SONET
OADMs would be fanastic if a router-based solution isn't obvious.

I am certain many on this list have tackled this kind of problem in
particularly ingenious ways. Your pointers are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,