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Re: Iraqis work to restore Internet service

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Tue May 27 07:11:59 2003

    > In many countries which will not admit visitors with an Israeli
    > stamp in their passport (Egypt, Syria, etc), the most popular method
    > of internet cafe uplink is VSAT.  One of the largest mideast VSAT
    > carriers is Gilat - , an Israeli company.  Do
    > the Syrians know their bits are flowing through routers in Tel
    > Aviv?  I would hope they don't care, or have good crypto, but the
    > potential for snooping of traffic does exist.

Uh, to the best of my knowledge, that's the sole purpose of Gilat.
Subsidized transport in exchange for packet-inspection.  But don't laugh,
as an American, it's your tax dollars at work.