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Re: arin ip request info

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sat May 10 23:29:14 2003

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Steve Rude wrote:

> Can someone please send me a copy of your arin request for additional IP
> space?  We have filled our initial ISP allocation, and we want to follow
> the proper procedure for the least delay.  I figure if I see someone's
> request that has successfully requested more space, then I will have the
> least delays in the allocation process.

Since these things are typically full of private or at least semi-private 
info, I'll be surprised if anyone sends you a real one.

Having gone through it several times though, I'll say all you need is to 
fill out and add in some 
additional info/detail they want but don't ask for in the template.  See, the part under ISP Additional 
Requests.  i.e. for non-swip'd space, they want details...not just a count 
of "we're using x hundred IPs for web sites, X thousand for dial-up ports, 
etc.", but "we're using x hundred IPs for the following web sites [list of 
urls/domains], Y hundred IPs for Y hundred dial-up ports in city A, ..."

For good measure, any IP block (swip'd or not) >=/24, give them details 
as to what it's being used for, how many IPs are currently in use, etc.  

If you don't follow these two pieces of advice, I'll bet someone lunch 
that they'll reply to your template asking for more info (which will slow 
the process).  Also, though you probably took way longer than 3 months to 
use up your initial allocation, don't bother asking for more than you 
reasonably think you'll use in 3 months unless that would be smaller than 
/20 (I think that's the minimun block size ARIN will give you).

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