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Re: AS1 Network peering

  • From: German Martinez
  • Date: Sat May 10 00:03:15 2003

On May 09, 2003, Flash wrote:

> This is my first posting after lurking for quite some time so please be
> gentle.
> I wanted to know if anyone else felt the pain of the former Genuity AS1
> de-peering with a number of key nap's Wednesday May 7th. Unfortunately one
> of our EBGP peers is AS3356 which appears to have picked up a number of the
> peerings that AS1 disconnected from. Since Level3 and Genuity are one in the

AS3356 (Level3) is now the only transit provider of AS1.

> same now was this event the merging of portions of AS1 into AS3356 ?

AS1 still exist but I don't think that for too long.  I think that they
do have several transit connections around the US, all of them as said
hooked up to AS3356.

> Gordon
> AS13407


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