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Re: DMCA Violation?

  • From: Adam Debus
  • Date: Thu May 08 13:29:57 2003

> My questions are:
>   1. Can anyone find the provision in any law or ruling that allows the
>   ISP to be compensated for the time it takes to accomodate these?

    I've not heard of anything...I would be interested in the answer to this
question as well.

>   2. In the instance that the information that ties the IP address to the
>   username is removed on a regular basis, what liability do I maintain?
>   (read: Is ignorance a viable answer?)

    In reality, you should ask your lawyer that question. My understanding
(I haven't read the bulk of the Code, so take this with a grain of salt) is
that the Complaining Party has a certian amount of time to notify the
carrier/ISP of a violation. It might be worth while looking into setting up
your Radius log to rotate on the timeframe of that notification limit...


Adam Debus
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