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Re: Good (cheap) 2000Mb/s solution?

  • From: Robert E. Seastrom
  • Date: Wed May 07 08:35:07 2003

"Stephen J. Wilcox" <[email protected]> writes:

> This would be my suggestion too but you dont need any WDM kit as you already are
> using different wavelengths, its possible to buy whats essentially a 3 way fibre
> connector and just connect both cards in and your fibre out. I believe these
> splitters are about $150.

Don't forget to add in the appropriate losses into your link budget if
you're going more than a couple hundred feet (not the case with the
original post, but worth noting).  Theoretical losses for a 50/50 beam
splitter would be about 3dB, with about 3dB for the recombiner as
well...  but if memory serves the actual real-world additional losses
when one adds splitters to both ends is about 10dB, which would
suggest an additional 2dB of random inefficiency per splitter (quite

Others on the list can attest to success with 90/10 beamsplitters
running full-duplex on a single fiber, at least with 100baseFX.
Recommend as a good, responsive source for