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RE: Pro bono projects?

  • From: Steven G. Huter
  • Date: Tue May 06 17:40:55 2003

> Are there any good places a service-network could donate resources
> (bandwidth/servers/routing tables/what have you/etc) to
> for-the-good-of-the-net projects?
> This sort of thing used to be quite a bit more prevalent and I
> wanted to know if there are any clear needs in this area.

Hello Deepak,

The Network Startup Resource Center project (, based at the
University of Oregon, has been coordinating donations of networking
hardware/infrastructure to relay to networks in developing areas around
the world for the past decade or so. Cisco has provided lots of routers
and switches over the years, and various other vendors, ISPs and
university networks have contributed equipment (switches, routers,
servers, wireless APs, spare parts, etc.) that NSRC relays directly to
networks we're working with in Asia/Pacific, Africa, Latin America...

Thanks to the National Science Foundation, the O'Reilly Foundation, and
some other project supporters that help cover the international shipping
costs, we've facilitated donations of gear and technical books
to universities and ISPs in about 70 different countries. Stuff
gets deployed and put to use right way, and there are clearly more
needs in this area.

If you'd like to follow up on that sort of thing (or anyone else), let me
know, or drop a note to [email protected]

Steve Huter
Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
University of Oregon