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Re: Reply to Sean Donelan (was: Yet more hijacked space? -

  • From: alex
  • Date: Tue May 06 10:22:47 2003

> This has got to be one of the worst ideas you've come up with recently.  
> The crack pipe must be pretty warm.  This would make every provider like
> Level3 and Cogent...hosters of spammers camouflaged by a lack of
> publicly available reassignment data.  At least with the current system,
> most providers publish reassignment data, so when you get spammed by
> discountdeals or ultimate savings, or the like, you can usually look up
> their address space and block them.  Too many providers just don't care
> about spam as long as the spammers pay.

BS. Cogent provides publically available reassignment info in its rwhois 

Comment:    ********************************************
Comment:    Reassignment information for this block is
Comment:    available at port 4321
Comment:    ********************************************