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Re: Class "B" IP BLOCK

  • From: ddragon
  • Date: Sun May 04 13:51:32 2003

> Hmm, while we're at it, what relationship do you have with 
> Erie Forge and Steel, other than squatting on some of their 
> address space. 
> Perhaps is another example of hijacked address 
> space. 

Perhaps you should learn the facts, before getting your stalk on and

contributing to this off-topic witch hunt. 

Once upon a time, enterprises like Erie Forge were assigned class B's

of IP space. As a technologically progressive organization, Erie 
seized the opportunity, and emerged as one of the first in the steel

industry to have most of their terminals, servers, printers, and even

casting equipment connected to the Internet. 

Over the years, technology and operational practices evolved. No 
longer does one need massive provider-independent space to connect to

the Internet; for many small to medium sized businesses, a simple 
application proxy or NAT box and internal address space is adequate.

Despite your baseless claims to the contrary, the Information 
Technology staff of Erie Forge and Steel is well aware, and approving,
of the current usage of their IP space. What you consider 
"hijacking", they consider innovation, and an opportunity to give back

to the Internet community that's allowed them to prosper over the 

Getting down to business, I have three larger concerns with the style

and content of your posting. 

One, the NANOG AUP ( clearly states: 

"7. Postings to the list must be made using real, identifiable names

and addresses, rather than aliases." 

With that in mind, I respectfully ask that Susan Harris and the NANOG

moderators require that you come into compliance with their policy, 
and boot you off the list post-haste, should you fail to do so. I'm 
appalled that you would even begin to point out shortcomings in 
others, when you've neglected to follow such simple rules of decency


Second, could you please do something about the high volume of spam 
originating from and/or referencing your network?  You must be too clueless
to take any action, or black hat spam heaven (if not a spammer yourself,
 for letting this go on under your watch), from the gist of the postings
I've read. Kai Schlichting and the gentlemen on SPAM-L and NANAE will
be able to cooberate these reports.

Third, can you explain to me the following: 

EnterAct EACT-ROUTERS-03 (NET-207-229-159-44-1) -

EnterAct EACT-ROUTERS-02 (NET-207-229-159-20-1) -

EnterAct EACT-VHOST-NT03 (NET-207-229-159-52-1) -

EnterAct EACT-CUST-NERGE (NET-207-229-166-224-1) -

EnterAct EACT-APM-TS01 (NET-216-80-19-0-1) -

EnterAct EACT-APM-COLO01 (NET-216-80-19-32-1) -

EnterAct EACT-APM-SERVERS01 (NET-216-80-19-48-1) -

EnterAct EACT-CUST-EADSL (NET-216-80-31-88-1) -

EnterAct EACT-CUST-DSL-01 (NET-216-80-0-0-2) -

These prefixes belonging to "EnterAct" are advertised by RCN. Are they

illlegal customer advertisements, or are you just too clueless to update
their SWIP records in accordiance with the same ARIN policy you wish
to see applied to others, now that RCN has acquired EnterAct? Perhaps
we all should filter them now, and ask questions and carry out an investigation
later?  I hope Rob Thomas is taking note, I'm sure these are not only
bogons, but violate some secret RFC (yeah dude, that's the ticket) documenting
reversed IP space.

Wait, that's not all.  I see you have mail servers inside:

OrgName:    GweepCo Cooperative Network
OrgID:      GCN-1
Address:    15 Lee Street Suite 1
Address:    Worcester MA, 01609
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    GWEEP-NET
NetHandle:  NET-204-145-148-0-1
Parent:     NET-204-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Assignment
NameServer: DNS.GWEEP.CA
RegDate:    1995-01-09
Updated:    2002-11-27

TechHandle: JZP-ARIN
TechName:   Provo, Joseph Z.
TechPhone:  +1-508-229-0037
TechEmail:  [email protected]

But "GweepCo" (Is this even a real company?  Can you provide any articles
of organization and incorporation?) has a domain registration which lists
as the address:

GweepCo Cooperative Network (GWEEP-DOM)
   35 William Street, Suite 3D

   Domain Name: GWEEP.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Petrarca, Andrew  (AP200)         [email protected]
      GweepCo Cooperative Network
      565 Quaker Lane, Unit 135
      West Warwick, RI  02893


Renewal-Date:   2004/05/02
Date-Approved:  2000/10/18
Date-Modified:  2003/03/12
Organization:   Gweep Systems
Description:    Unix and Internet consulting.
                BC registration #15267493.
Admin-Name:     Brian Edmonds
Admin-Title:    Trouble Consultant
Admin-Postal:   2907-198 Aquarius Mews
                Vancouver BC V6Z 2Y4 Canada
Admin-Phone:    +1 (604) 662-8304
Admin-Mailbox:  [email protected]
Tech-Name:      Brian Edmonds
Tech-Title:     Trouble Consultant
Tech-Postal:    Gweep Systems
                2907-198 Aquarius Mews
                Vancouver BC V6Z 2Y4 Canada
Tech-Phone:     +1 (604) 662-8304

Mass, Rhode Island, or Canada?  Which will it be?  Can you make up your
mind please?  Or get some IP space you can verify is yours.

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