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Re: Re[2]: The in-your-face hijacking example, was: Re: Who is announcing bogons?

  • From: bdragon
  • Date: Sat May 03 20:05:53 2003

> Hello,
> It's pretty disheartening to see the way this situation was dealt with.  =
> To this day as I am writing this e-mail I have not received any phone =
> calls or even e-mails on what was done wrong and how it should be =
> handled.  Everything was done behind our backs by the people that have =
> the power to cause problems knowing that I will have no recourse.  It =
> takes a few seconds to place a phone call and give guidance on the =
> situation.  Especially by the likes of HE which we have given business =
> to and continue to give business to. =20
> Well I guess that there is no point in going on with this topic.  =
> Officially I am declaring surrender and victory to the people that have =
> chosen to cause so much harm.  Would like to thank all of you that have =
> given support and e-mailed me with how to obtain correct allocation from =
> ARIN.  And the wheels are already in motion and will be completed next =
> week.
> Hopefully Atrivo and myself are not blacklisted in this group, since we =
> caused nobody any harm.  We did follow all the guidelines that Arin has =
> put in place, but now it's my understanding that due to our size only a =
> direct allocation makes any sense.
> Thanks and let's all try to help each other and not go against each =
> other.  It will make our lives just that much easier!     =20
> Atrivo - Web Innovation
> Emil Kacperski
> Phone: 925-550-3947
> E-mail: [email protected]
> ICQ: 23531098

I had heard that Atrivo had squatted some space from Ready Systems
( that was an abandoned wasteland. I had also heard that
this was brought to the attention of everyone who was squatting that

Now, my information may be wrong, however I consider the source to be
quite reliable.

If my information _is_ reliable, things weren't done behind anyone's
back, and this wouldn't be the first instance of questionable behaviour.