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Re: Interesting Announcements

  • From: miltonningis
  • Date: Sat May 03 08:58:38 2003

Replying to myself is stupid, but...

On Sat, 03 May 2003 05:45:53 -0700 [email protected] wrote:

>Also, perhaps Internap (AS10910) might explain the story behind
>stolen ASN 8143 and their many seemingly stolen IP blocks...
Perhaps Internap (AS10910) can ALSO explain the seemingly jacked IP space
being announced by seemingly legitimately registered, but rogue AS27255...

And if you traceroute from something that goes over their internap (say
a verio customer, perhaps), it looks like they come from the SAME internap
router, one port away... interesting.... (Perhaps AS8143 and AS27255
have something in common)  Hello? Internap? Are you out there?

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