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It's Friday evening (in North America) so you know what to expect

  • From: Richard Cox
  • Date: Fri May 02 21:36:52 2003

This evening it appeared that AS 9929 (China Netcom Corporation)
had started to BGP announce the netblock "HCV":

That netblock is assigned by ARIN to 

 OrgName:    Housing and Construction Victoria 
 OrgID:      HCV
 Address:    GPO Box 1670N
 Address:    Melbourne, Victoria 3001
 Country:    AU
 NetRange: - 
 NetHandle:  NET-152-147-0-0-1
 Parent:     NET-152-0-0-0-0
 NetType:    Direct Assignment
 RegDate:    1991-08-23
 Updated:    1991-08-23
 TechHandle: TL152-ARIN
 TechName:   Lewis, Terry 
 TechPhone:  +61 3 669 1028

Housing and Construction Victoria are most certainly not in China.
Given the timing, the intention here hardly needs spelling out.

Roland Verlander, who lives in Australia, very helpfully tells me:

"The contact information is outdated, so I unfortunately cannot attempt
to contact the original owner.  I searched AUNIC for POCs with the name
Terry Lewis but I only found other people named Terry Lewis. APNIC has
no results on Terry Lewis."

"The phone number isn't valid, all phone #s in Oz were changed to
8 digits a few years ago (that one's 7 digits) and old 7 digit numbers
don't work anymore; +61 3 669 1028 would have been converted to either
+61 3 8669 1028 or +61 3 9669 1028."

(I checked - neither of those possibilities is a working number)

"No entry in the phone book (white pages) for the name Terry Lewis.
The organisation is not legally registered and I can't find a website
for it, so I guess it no longer exists"


Upstream Adjacent AS list for AS9929:
  AS4637    REACH Reach Network Border AS
  AS1       GNTY-1 Genuity
  AS7018    ATT-INTERNET4 AT&T WorldNet Services
  AS3549    GBLX Global Crossing
  AS3356    LEVEL3 Level 3 Communications, LLC
  AS1239    SPRINTLINK Sprint
  AS3561    CWUSA Cable & Wireless USA
  AS701     ALTERNET-AS UUNET Technologies, Inc.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may wish to adjust your routing.

Richard Cox