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RE: Market-based address allocation

  • From: John Ferriby
  • Date: Fri May 02 06:41:59 2003

> All the right-to-use
> certificates would need to be registered with an RIR to validate them in
> the same way that land ownership is registered in a land registry office.

Fast forward to 2013: Will we have something akin to title insurance (and
logically title searches) for address space?  I hope ARIN's historic records
are better than those in the domain space.

Is the long-term liquidity introduced by ipv6 going to affect the
Legacy assets are more often valued at a premium: Manhattan, IP Swamp space,
.com domains, low-value ICQ and apparently even 4-digit ASn.   Will IPv4
be valued at a premium over IPv6 space?

Sure it's 'just an integer', but it is an exclusive right-to-use some
agreed identity and that _has_ value.   Intangible assets have values placed
them all the time.

I wonder what/how PT Barnum would do...

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