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Re: White House to Propose System for Wide Monitoring of Internet(fwd)

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Fri Dec 20 17:50:47 2002

"Christopher L. Morrow" wrote:
> Cough!
> Sure, or they could ask carriers to tap lines for them silently... in fact
> they can do that today with a court order.

  Nope. USA Patriot Act, No Court Order Needed. 


  Civil Liberties for Tax Refunds, Takers ? :P

  A COO I know is actually enthused, all he can say is
   "Do you know how much money that means to me ?!"


  The Myopia of the Rich, eh ? 

  He also spouted the philosophy, one day:
  "Give the money to the Rich, and they can put it into the Bank... 
  and the rest of you can borrow it.... it will stimulate the economy."

  A verbatim quote. ( He is GOP, FWIW. )

  * shudder *

  So, we can borrow it -=without=- a source of income ?

> -Chris