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Re: Alternative to NetFlow for Measuring Traffic flows

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Mon Dec 16 23:04:50 2002

On Monday, Dec 16, 2002, at 22:47 Canada/Eastern, Grant A. Kirkwood wrote:

On Monday 16 December 2002 07:37 pm, Joe Abley wrote:
If you are interested in traffic *to* a particular destination, surely
you could just tweak localpref on routes based on an as-path filter?
And then quantify it how? Ie; useful Netflow-like "x Mbps to AS x, y Mbps to
AS y" statistics?
I think the idea was to say "well, from the mrtg graph, the difference between this circuit with all my _9327_ traffic and this circuit without any _9327_ traffic, at what I might reasonably estimate their peak time to be, looks to be about 2 megs or so".

It's a pretty crude measure, but it does have the advantage of requiring no more than mrtg and a route-map to set up.