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Re: Cisco OSMs for 65XX

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Wed Dec 11 15:43:21 2002


(I'll preface this by saying that even though I have not used OSM, I have
used 6509/MSFC2 a lot and like it greatly).


Used Juniper gear, even when re-certing it, is still probably orders of
magnitudes cheaper than OSM.

Live life. Get a couple M20's, and some 6509-SUP2 (non-MSFC) with GE
uplinks. You'll be happy, it will be stable, and you'll not spend a lot of

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Jeff Nelson wrote:

> I'm looking into an edge 65XX solution for a new DC with multiple sonet
> connections to GigE and I was hoping for some real world feedback.
> Particularly, we're considering the OSM-4OC3-POS-SI+ and the
> OSM-2OC12-POS-SI+. While performance and redundancy may best be served
> by GSRs with engine3/4 linecards or the big J, I'm not convinced the
> expense is worth the additional costs.
> Any hands-on experiences or 3rd party performance statistics are most
> welcome.
> Thank you,
> jeff

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