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Re: FW: /8s and filtering

  • From: Forrest
  • Date: Tue Dec 10 13:38:35 2002

> >I was also curious about this - if I am a customer who wants to 
> >multihome and can justify only a /24, I would go to an ISP which has an 
> >allocation from the Class C space rather than one from the Class A 
> >space.
> 	It doesn't matter. For all practical purposes, basement multihomers
> only 
> care that their two or three providers have their route.

Maybe I'm missing something, but what good would it do for someone to 
multihome if only their own providers accept their route, but nobody else 
does?  I realize that their block should be still announced with their 
ISP's larger aggregate, but what good does this do if your ISP goes down 
and can't announce the large aggregate.  

If you're a smaller organization, perhaps you'll only have a /23 from your 
upstream provider.  With the filtering that seems to be in place, it seems 
like the only way you can truly multihome with a /23 is if it happens to 
be in the old Class C space.  Or is this wrong?  

What seems to be needed is perhaps a /8 set aside by the RIR specifically 
to allocate to small organizations that wish to multihome that people 
would accept /24 and shorter from.