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RE: Operational Issues with

  • From: James Smith
  • Date: Fri Dec 06 12:20:02 2002

Title: RE: Operational Issues with

One would think that operators not updating filters to permit properly allocated space IS an operational issue.

True, there are some non-operational facets to the issue, but that is not sufficient to call this off-topic...

I can think of no better place than NANOG to say "Hey, some of you still have not updated your filters, I still do not have the reachability I should have.". His problem is indicative of future problems to come as we expand the use of previously unallocated IPv4 space.

If the community cannot solve his problem, what reachability assurance do we have on any future allocations out of spaces with a similar history?

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The Presidio Corporation

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Subject: Re: Operational Issues with

> My question is as follows - We are losing customers because of this
> problem.  It is costing us reputation and money.  It is out of our
> control.  If you were us, what would you do?  We have already asked ARIN
> to reassign us to a "friendlier" CIDR, and they refuse.

This is no longer a technical operational issue so it is out of scope for
this mailing list.

But if you think that ARIN could do something to solve your problem then
you should raise the issue on the ARIN public policy mailing list. You can
find subscription information for that list here

-- Michael Dillon