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Re: Help with bad announcement from UUnet

  • From: Forrest W. Christian
  • Date: Fri Mar 29 13:18:42 2002

I've obviously caused a stir.

Before I proceed, let me say I'm going to continue mentioning as
I've had experience there...   The responses to this list indicate this is
a more widespread problem, so please don't take this as necessarily

Let me first say EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I'm multihomed.  All
I've wanted out of each time I've called is a traceroute and/or BGP
output to determine which path my packets were heading back towards me on
so *I* could get the problem fixed.   I.E. to determine where the loss was
really occuring and/or who was mis-announcing a prefix.

In every case where I've tried to contact it's been obvious that as
soon as traffic reaches their AS, everything goes to pot.  Without being
able to take a peek inside their network (via a traceroute or sh ip bgp)
It's almost impossible to tell where the problem lies, since the problem
is obviously with traffic getting back to my network.  I agree with batz:

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, batz wrote:
> Because their network transits _most_ internet traffic and
> as a courtesy, they should provide some bare level of
> diagnostic services to the rest of the network.

I can't think of a case where I've called the noc where I wanted
more information than could have been queried through a standard looking
glass (I.E. traceroute and BGP information).  In fact, if provided
a looking glass we probably wouldn't be having this discussion.

Without rambling much further I'll add this:  Yes, I realize there are
scaling issues.  Yes, I do want to call my upstream to get it fixed.  No,
I don't expect to own the problem (unless of course it IS their
problem).  BUT I can't tell which of my upstreams is having the problem in
order to call them without a BGP or traceroute from the provider we're
having problems reaching.

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