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Re: Help with bad announcement from UUnet

  • From: Phil Pennock
  • Date: Fri Mar 29 12:08:03 2002

On 2002-03-29 at 09:45 -0600, Andy Walden wrote:
> > It would seem going direct would put a lower load on NOC's in general,
> > which presumably would let them spend more time on problems and provide
> > better service.
> Where is the limit though? Once I open things up to non customers, and let
> any random person call me, without any sort of filters or controls,

So apply filters and controls.

Your NOC: Are you one of our customers or peers, sir/madam?
Caller  : Uhm, no ...
Your NOC: Ah, I see.  Then could I please have your registry handle for
          route maintenance, and which registry that belongs to?

Accept peers, customers, or anyone who has clue sufficient to have a
registry handle, preferably one listed as a maintainer for one end of
whichever path they're complaining about.

Verification probably isn't needed, as by that point in the
conversation, the people who can't even configure their mail clients
will have been weeded out.

Clue filters.  Gotta love 'em.
I understand office diplomacy.
I know to whom I should not admit what is technically possible.