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Re: Exodus/C&W Depeering

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Wed Mar 27 05:05:54 2002

> Since Exodus is mostly a webhoster, do they have an asymmetric traffic
> flow.  Isn't bulk of the bandwidth is outbound from Exodus.  Won't this
> just increase the distance and AS count for Exodus outbound traffic,
> making Exodus hosting even less desirable?

Well spotted. Everybody sees this de-peering as a bad thing when in
actual fact its creating a huge opportunity for the competition to
hoover up some much needed additional business. A large proportion
of Exodus customers bought service from them because of their peer
with anyone policy and those customers are going to be very annoyed
by this change and also by the large number of network outages and
connectivity issues that will arise from this well thought out
plan. If this is handled as well as the original 3561 migration
then the value of the traffic within AS-EXODUS will be zero as
there probably won't be any customers left.  So prep your sales
folks, dig up all the alleged old tales of woe from the 3561
migration, call up the bids that you lost to Exodus, make up special
offers for these customers and help turn this into a non-issue. If
there are big ISPs behind 3967 then try setting up direct peering
with those guys, I do this for all intellectually challenged
organisations who don't wish to peer with organisations that I have
represented because of some policy that changes everytime the sun
rises. Do some work with netflow identify the larger ASes and give
do that funny thing with the phone and give them a call!  These
Things Do Work if you put the effort in. Oh and then tell the sales
guy from the stupid provider your plan thats the icing on the cake :-)

Neil J. McRae - Alive and Kicking
[email protected]