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Re: Exodus/C&W Depeering

  • From: Sean M. Doran
  • Date: Tue Mar 26 17:08:11 2002

| This isn't something I really care to make a big argument of, but my point
| was that for many ISPs, the path will go from:
| to:
| for a net increase in average path length.

Are we talking AS_Path attributes here?  If so, all this means
is that now we don't announce OTHER BACKBONE routes to C&W/EXODUS, 
which we probably weren't doing anyway.

Or are we talking forwarding paths, which are _different_ (and not
necessarily stable even in the presence of perfect AS_Path stability)?
If so, have we added any bottlenecks or sources of packet corruption?   
If none have been added, a change in the number of links and routers
traversed is meaningless.
(Note that it is possible that the number of links and routers DECREASES).