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RE: How to get better security people

  • From: Blake Fithen
  • Date: Tue Mar 26 15:21:11 2002

It's also a matter of the market being saturated with 
unemployed people with paper certs, genuine competence,
and some with both.  The company I worked for sold out
5 months ago - I too have been looking ever since.

I've made it a point to ask the recruiters/companies 
how much interest they've had in the position.  The 
/typical/ response is "*gasp*, we've received over 1300
(thirteen hundred) resumes for this position in the 
past week, I only talk to the people who call to 

Extremely frustrating to say the least.

Blake Fithen
[email protected]

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> On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, LeBlanc, Jason wrote:
> > On that note, Etrade layed off their entire net sec team a 
> few months back.
> > I don't trade there no more. ;)
> Fewer and fewer companies are paying attention to network 
> security with
> the right mindset. They all want peopl who have been in the field for
> 7-10+ years, with 10+ years of general systems admin skills.
> I'm 21. I have 5 years of combined network security and sysadmin
> experience. No-one is interested.
> I spent 5 months looking for a job, applied at at least a few hundred
> locations, only to be told each time that I didn't have 
> enough experience.
> I know around 100 other security admins, and I think 2 have that much
> experience.
> It's semi-understandable when a MNC wants that kind of experience, but
> when your run of the mill start up wants to too, it gets rather sick.
> These people aren't going to get what they're looking for.
> They'll realise it too late I guess.
> I dropped out of security and went back to sysadmining.
> I prefer the job I have now to any I've had in the past, and 
> I wouldn't
> trade it for a security job with some of these firms in 10 lifetimes.
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