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Re: Exodus/C&W Depeering

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Tue Mar 26 13:26:20 2002

> On the other hand, this could help balance traffic ratios, and make more
> people qualify for peering with CW. Well probably not, considering their
> requirements include winners like this:
>     A. The applicant shall consistently announce at least 5000 routes to 
>     AS3561 (way to encourage aggregation guys, no really, good job)

Hmm based on my current peers this would exclude the likes of Telstra,
Level3, HKT...

Bye bye Asia Pacific!

> With luck it will throw their peering ratios out of balance and get THEM
> depeered by someone. Oh well, I guess there is a reason the entire
> industry calls them Clueless & Witless. :)

On another angle, if enough people refuse to take C&W routes from transit
preferring only peering.... nar, thats a conspiracy! Good plan tho.