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RE: How to get better security people

  • From: Avleen Vig
  • Date: Tue Mar 26 11:41:21 2002

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, LeBlanc, Jason wrote:

> On that note, Etrade layed off their entire net sec team a few months back.
> I don't trade there no more. ;)

Fewer and fewer companies are paying attention to network security with
the right mindset. They all want peopl who have been in the field for
7-10+ years, with 10+ years of general systems admin skills.

I'm 21. I have 5 years of combined network security and sysadmin
experience. No-one is interested.
I spent 5 months looking for a job, applied at at least a few hundred
locations, only to be told each time that I didn't have enough experience.

I know around 100 other security admins, and I think 2 have that much

It's semi-understandable when a MNC wants that kind of experience, but
when your run of the mill start up wants to too, it gets rather sick.
These people aren't going to get what they're looking for.
They'll realise it too late I guess.

I dropped out of security and went back to sysadmining.
I prefer the job I have now to any I've had in the past, and I wouldn't
trade it for a security job with some of these firms in 10 lifetimes.

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