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Transatlantic response times.

  • From: Pistone, Mike
  • Date: Mon Mar 25 10:15:50 2002

I wasn't really sure where to post this, but I figured NANOG would have some
insight or at least experience here.

I was curious if anybody would share what they consider to be average or
acceptable transatlantic ping response times over a T1.
I know there are tons of variables here, but I am looking for ballpark
Assume that utilization on the circuit is extremely low, and you are
measuring point to point across the line.  You can also assume no other
bottlenecks effecting the response times (router performance, or what not).
Should you see a ~150ms trip?  250ms?  450ms???

Also,  if possible, include the to and from info.  Obviously  NYC to London
is a bit different than Dallas to Prague or something.   

Is there any equation to estimate response times?  For example, if your
circuit from A to Z has a 500ms avg response, than that equates to a circuit
distance of aprox. 5000 miles or something?

Thanks in advance,